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ReaperCast 56 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

GRG Community Nights

* Shooter McGavin FPS Mondays

* ESO Dungeon Dives on Tuesday

* Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 & Battlegrounds

* Drunken Friday Battlefield 1

* Sunday Driving Forza Horizons 3

Gaming News

* COD WW2 – 11/3? Standalone co-op story. Season Pass included with Pro.

* RE7 Free DLC Delayed – Is there a point where even free DLC is too late?

* BF1 Spring Update

* GTA Login 425k by 4/30 – Tiny Racer Update

* Battlefront 2 – No Season Pass

* Star Wars – Last Jedi Trailer

Main Topic – Can’t We All Just Get Along? How do we navigate different gamers?

* Tryhards

* Racist/Ignorant People

* People that don’t PTFO

* Should video game fans bond more rather than be divisive?

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* Next show recorded on May 10th

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