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ReaperCast 58 – Are Small Fireteams Hurting Gaming Communities?

GRG Community Nights

* Shooter McGavin FPS Mondays

* ESO Dungeon Dives on Tuesday

* Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 & Battlegrounds

* Drunken Friday Battlefield 1

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Gaming News

* BDO coming to consoles

* Red Dead Redemption delayed until 2018.

* Xbox VP says the One won’t hold back Scorpio

* Lala Wrong on Far Cry 5

* The Division 1.6.1 Update released today.

Main Topic – Are Small Fireteams Hurting Gaming Communities

* Battlefield Squads but still part of larger team

* Destiny

* Really comes down to Clan support in games. (really like what Destiny is trying to do with Destiny 2)

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