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Ep 142 Baby Led Feeding Ft. Julie Laux

Quote: “TIME merely extends fear while KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING can help overcome it.”


9 Things you NEED TO KNOW about CHOKING when starting solids

#1 It is totally normal to feel anxious when starting solids.

Millions of parents have successfully followed baby-led feeding and the key to getting past your fear is through knowledge and understanding of how baby-led feeding works, research behind it, and how to reduce the risk of choking.

#2 Two research studies have concluded that baby-led feeding does NOT increase the risk of choking. Read the studies here:

#4 Gagging is normal when starting solids. Baby is gagging is they are coughing, making wrenching sounds, mouth open / tongue out, or watery eyes. If baby appears to be gagging, let them work it out themselves.

Choking is when baby’s airway is blocked and baby is either silent or making a high-pitched wheeze sound. They also may look scared, and you need to intervene.

#5 Caregivers should take an infant CPR and choking response course before starting solids so they are prepared in the rare case of emergency. @safebeginnings has an Online Course we recommend to all parents!

#6 High risk choking hazard foods should be avoided or modified so baby can enjoy them safely. has a list of top choking hazards.

#7 Learning how to properly serve food to baby based on age is an important part of baby-led feeding. We cover a variety of foods in our program.

Generally speaking, food is served as sticks and cooked until soft for 6-8 months and then served as small, bite-sized pieces for 9+ months once baby has their pincer grasp.

#8 Babies already know how to swallow, but they need to learn how to chew. The best way to teach chewing is with chewable solids, which we explain in our program.

#9 The safest place to eat is sitting upright in a highchair. Do not feed baby on the go or in a reclined position. Remove all distractions and sit next to baby while they eat.

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