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Ep 140 Three Things

Deb drinks Pinto Grigio

Maria drinks kombucha

The two list 3 of their favorite chain restaurants and three speech activities they are doing now and for the rest of April.

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Ep 142 Baby Led Feeding Ft. Julie Laux

Quote: “TIME merely extends fear while KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING can help overcome it.”9 Things you NEED TO KNOW about CHOKING when starting solids#1It is totally normal to feel anxious when starting solids.Millions of parents have successfully followed baby-led feeding and the key to getting past your fear is through knowledge and understanding of how baby-led feeding works, research behind it, and how to reduce the risk of choking.#2Two research studies have concluded that baby-led feeding does NOT increase the risk of choking. Read the studies here: is normal when starting solids. Baby is gagging is they are coughing, making wrenching sounds, mouth open / tongue out, or watery eyes. If baby appears to be gagging, let them work it out themselves.Choking is when baby’s airway is blocked and baby is either silent or making a high-pitched wheeze sound. They also may look scared, and you need to intervene.#5Caregivers should take an infant CPR and choking response course before starting solids so they are prepared in the rare case of emergency.@safebeginningshas an Online Course we recommend to all parents!#6High risk choking hazard foods should be avoided or modified so baby can enjoy them safely. has a list of top choking hazards.#7Learning how to properly serve food to baby based on age is an important part of baby-led feeding. We cover a variety of foods in our program.Generally speaking, food is served as sticks and cooked until soft for 6-8 months and then served as small, bite-sized pieces for 9+ months once baby has their pincer grasp.#8Babies already know how to swallow, but they need to learn how to chew. The best way to teach chewing is with chewable solids, which we explain in our program.#9The safest place to eat is sitting upright in a highchair. Do not feed baby on the go or in a reclined position. Remove all distractions and sit next to baby while they eat.