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How to Set Up a Multilingual Airbnb—with Tracey Northcott

Ep. 412

It’s your job as an Airbnb host to understand the struggles your guests might face and set them up for success. 

But what if your guests are international tourists who don’t speak the local language? How can you create a multilingual short-term rental to serve guests from anywhere in the world?

Tracey Northcott is the Founder and Owner of Tokyo Family Stays, a vacation rental property management company based in Tokyo, Japan. Tracey is also the Guest Experience Specialist behind Tracey Northcott Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping other hosts improve their hospitality standards and maximize STR profits.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Tracey joins me to discuss how to set up a multilingual Airbnb, describing how she attracts large extended families of inbound tourists to her properties in Tokyo.


Tracey shares her strategies for supporting guests who don’t speak the local language, explaining the benefits of providing infographics and professionally translated information.

Listen in to understand why Google Translate is not good enough and get Tracey’s top tips for anticipating the needs of your international guests!

Topics Covered


Tracey’s ideal guest at Tokyo Family Stays

  • Inbound tourists or Japanese people who lived overseas
  • Large extended families (don’t exclude based on language)


What to think about as the host international guests

  • What’s common for you not standard across world
  • Meet people where they are, provide tools for success
  • Recognize common humanity of all

How Tracey serves guests who don’t speak the local language

  • Infographics for toilets, kitchen appliances and HVAC units
  • House rules, trash/recycling info in multiple languages

The benefits of providing infographics and translated information

  • Save time and stress fielding calls or fixing broken items
  • Guests feel welcome and leave 5-star reviews

Why Tracey suggests hiring a human translator over free apps

  • Not too expensive, supports another small business owner
  • Google translate = unprofessional and not welcoming

Tracey’s tips for anticipating the needs of international guests 

  • Curated links to local recommendations and list of FAQs
  • Step-by-step instructions for getting to STR property


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