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Building an Airbnb Listing That Beats the Competition—with Kati & Brian Greene

Ep. 416

As short-term rental hosts, we ALL want to build a listing that stands out from the competition. And we know that having the right photos is crucial in getting prospective guests to book.

But what if you’re not a professional photographer, and you don’t have the money to hire one? Can you still take gorgeous listing photos if it’s just you and your smartphone?

Kati and Brian Greene are the Cofounders of Overlooked 2 Overbooked, a service that helps hosts optimize their listings to attract their ideal guests at optimal prices.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kati and Brian join me to share their top tips for taking photos of your property and describe how to choose the best ‘magnet photo’ for your listing.

Kati explains the optimal way to order photos in an Airbnb listing and Brian discusses how to take your listing to the next level by including experience shots.

Listen in for insight on using guest reviews to improve your listing and learn how Kati and Brian can help you build a listing that beats the competition!

Topics Covered


Overlooked 2 Overbooked’s virtual photo shoot

  • Teach host how to operate smartphone camera 
  • Guide through taking photos for listing on video chat


Kati’s top tips for taking photos for your listing

  • Lower camera to waist level and lift gaze
  • Point camera parallel to floor (not down at furniture)
  • Use rule of thirds for exterior shots

How to choose the best magnet photo for your listing

  • Review thumbnail photos of listings ranked above you
  • Choose image that stands out from competition

How to appeal to your prospective guest’s lizard brain

  • Use contrasting colors, include fun in photos
  • Make guest trust you and feel safe in space

The optimum way to order your photos in an Airbnb listing

  • Start with 5 best or most interesting features
  • Follow up with room-by-room tour of property
  • Wide angle shot of room first, then detail shots


Brian’s advice on serving as an ambassador of your town

  • Ask why people visit and what’s cool about area
  • Become concierge or expert re: local activities

How to use guest reviews to improve your listing

  • Use guest comments for insight on what to feature
  • Caption photos with quotes from reviews

How to take your listing photos to the next level

  • Set up vignettes of experience guest might have
  • Example—people enjoying s’mores in fire pit


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