The Third Men Podcast


Supply Chain Issues Raw (Inglewood, CA 5/31/22)

Season 6, Ep. 168

Paul and James here reporting to you live (sorta) following a viewing of the Jack White Supply Chain Issues tour! On May 31st 2022 we saw Jack and the band take his traveling rock and roll showcase to the Youtube Theater in Inglewood California, and it was a night to remember on many levels. From unexpected deep-cuts, to wardrobe malfunctions and everything in between, we're bringing you all the details on Jack's latest 2022 tour stop! Is this episode edited? No, it is not. But this is a raw look back at a Jack White show like we've never before attempted! We hope you enjoy, and see you back next episode for your regularly scheduled TMP programming. Rock and Roll.

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TMR 2022 feat. Ben Blackwell

Season 7, Ep. 177
Ben Blackwell is back! With the calendar year 2022 freshly in the rear view mirror, we here at the Third Men Podcast are once again on a mission to look back at the music, art and output from Third Man Records over what turned out to be a joyful and creatively robust 12 months. Not one, but TWO Jack White solo records were released, heralding a massive worldwide tour from the Third Man himself for the first time in several years. Not only that, but a parade of varied vault releases, legendary collaborations and unforgettable stunts followed in what is sure to go down in TMR history as a watershed moment of copious and successful output. In this special retrospective, 6-time-returning guest Ben Blackwell (co-founder and co-owner of Third Man Records) joins us to shed light on these events…and teases a glimpse of what’s in store for 2023. Does Tropical Gothclub signal a Dead Weather reunion? Can The Paranoyds pierce the zeitgeist in the same way TMR finds such as Margo Price have done so in the past? Can James find it in him to successfully pronounce each member of the Bobby Weir band's names correctly? The answers to these questions and much more await you in this special 2022 retrospective, and we’d like to extend a huge thanks to Mr. Blackwell for not only appearing once more on the show but for all the wonderful art he helped bring into the world this year. Cheers to Third Man, and cheers to 2023 — Happy New Year, everybody!