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GO Donate! feat. Bobby Harlow

Ep. 126

For our season 4 finale episode, the Third Men Podcast is excited to welcome back to the show quintessential Detroit rocker and The Go founder/frontman Mr. Bobby Harlow! Bobby joins us once again to answer our questions, spill some tea on his extensive (and badass) career in music, and to help spread the word about a new donation initiative The Go have started up. Listeners can visit and, starting at $5 and above, donate to both The Equal Justice Initiative and The Bail Project - while receiving the entire catalog of The Go's music. For your donation to these organizations, you'll receive a download package featuring every Go album, three collections of rarities (including the five-volume GO Boxset), Conspiracy of Owls and both Bobby and (GO co-founder) Joh Krautner's solo albums. That's over 14 HOURS of music. That's a lot of rock and roll right there. In this episode we'll discuss the movement that inspired this initiative, the tunes that Bobby and his musical compatriots have offered up in support, and much much more. We'd like to thank everyone out there for all your love and support these past four seasons, and look forward to seeing you all back again for season five this coming September. Black lives matter. We love you.

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Sound and Color feat. Coppersound Pedals

Ep. 143
The Third Men Podcast is thrilled to welcome back returning guests Alex Guaraldi and Jordan Collins from Coppersound Pedals to walk through the long and innovative history of Jack White's usage of color! Since last we spoke with Alex and Jordan, their groundbreaking Triplegraph pedal has been doing gangbusters for Third Man Hardware, sparking interest from musicians and collectors alike with its user-friendly interface and elegant design. Coppersound's collaborator on the Triplegraph, Jack White, played a key role in using color to highlight the design features of this inventive new pedal - but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jack White's savvy application of color in his art and projects. When The White Stripes burst onto the Detroit rock scene in the late 90's, their distinctive red, white and black color scheme became a hallmark of the band's presentation, and a memorable audio-visual connection that would help propel the group to the heights of rock'n'roll stardom in the years to come. Whether you're standing in the red, red rain, tasting some black bat licorice or sniffing yourself a blue orchid - Jack White's music through the course of his entire career has carried with it a unique synchronicity with the world of color. Indeed, each of Jack's musical projects carries with it a unique color scheme, and in this episode we've drafted the Coppersound guys to help us detail as many colorful connections as we can find! From The Raconteurs' inconspicuous green and copper tones, to Jack White solo's ubiquitous blue - we tour through it all and manage to have a ridiculous amount of fun in the process. We'll say one thing - this is the single most prevalent use of the word "synesthesia" we've ever featured on the show! So brace yourself for a fun, informative and (dare I say) insightful time ahead of you this week on the Third Men Podcast, and thanks to Alex and Jordan for joining us!