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To explore Jack White's music and history through weekly topics ranging from album analysis to Third Man Records recording acts and beyond.

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The Racs at Electric Lady: Analysis & Review

Ep. 125
Do you belong to the Jack generation? Then chances are you have been enjoying The Raconteurs: Live at Electric Lady EP & documentary that was released this past May of 2020 in conjunction with Spotify and Youtube. In September of 2019, as The Raconteurs continued to barrel through their massive Help Us Stranger world tour, the band stopped by New York City's famed Electric Lady Studios (founded by Jimi Hendrix and John Storyk in 1970) to help celebrate the studio's impending 50th anniversary with the recording of a new cover song and an intimate concert that evening.Jack, Brendan, LJ and Patrick were joined by longtime friend, director Jim Jarmusch, to document the occasion and to sit down with the band for the type of candid interview only five old friends could truly have. Along with the electric (pun!) performance at the end of the night, The Raconteurs recorded a studio rendition of Richard Hell and the Voidoid's punk anthem Blank Generation, originally put down at Electric Lady for release in September of 1977. In this episode, we'll discuss the project and try something a little different in the form of a running fan-commentary of the documentary. We're excited as hell to have some new Racs music to sink our teeth into this year, and what better way to celebrate our penultimate episode of the season than with a journey into the blank generation? We know the Voidoids could take it or leave it each time - but we hope you'll take it and join us for the ride!

Lazaretto: Analysis & Review vol.1

Ep. 121
Bored rotten during quarantine? The Third Men Podcast is here to pass you some coffee, cotton and a new entry into our deepest of deep-dive episodes - it's LAZARETTO: Analysis & Review vol.1 (of 3)! For Jack White's sophomore solo LP, the third man took the lessons of his smash debut Blunderbuss and expanded them into one of the most complex recordings of his entire career, spanning 18 months, dozens of musicians, and an unlikely co-writing partnership with...himself? During touring breaks in 2012, Jack and his two bands, the Buzzards and the Peacocks, would lock themselves in the studio to lay down some badass instrumental music which varied wildly in genre, tempo and structure. With these collections of sound pictures safely in the vault, Jack & co would return to their world tour...but how would White apply lyrics to music he was so subsequently disconnected from? Enter Jack White's 19 year old self, appearing in the form of plays, poetry, lyrics and other assorted mind-scribblings unearthed in an attic and ripe for the picking. This blend of past and present would establish a new and exciting trajectory for Jack White's musical future, and this week we get into the nitty gritty on just how that story came to be. Plus, Third Person Derrik Ferguson takes us on a tour of HIS Jack White past in the form of some incredible concerts in each of Jack's various incarnations over the past 20 years. It's all here in part one of a triptych of episodes dedicated to our continued survival down in the Lazaretto...