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To explore Jack White's music and history through weekly topics ranging from album analysis to Third Man Records recording acts and beyond.

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Four Years of Chances feat. Nick Harvey

Ep. 150
We're sittin' on top of the world...because it's the season 5 finale of The Third Men Podcast - AND our landmark 150th episode! That's TWO big things. But of course, in the Jack White tradition, we need a third big for this special milestone episode we present to you an extended discussion with musician, podcaster, and Atlantic Records marketing mastermind Nick Harvey! Earlier in the year, Paul joined Nick and co-host Eric Dainoon their wonderful Adventure Time podcast titled Adventure Guys, and in that episode an interesting discussion began: what role did the four years of high school and the four years of college play in the development of our respective musical tastes? Does an artist who waits four years between releases miss out on an entire generation of possible fans? How does an aging fanbase affect the trajectory of an artist's style? Do the musical prejudices we can sometimes carry with us in our youth grow out of us as adults...or do those divisions only grow stronger over time? These questions and more are the subject of today's 150th episode we had to title "Four Years of Chances" - in which we seek to trace our own musical evolution through stories, melodies and experiences of distant playlists past. At Atlantic Records, fostering fandom is top of mind for Nick, who serves as Marketing Director and has spent the last decade entrenched in nearly every aspect of the music business. Nick is also on hand to give us his perspective on Jack White's career, as well as the many achievements racked up by Third Man Records in their own 12 years of carefully curated activity. Our thanks go to Nick Harvey for joining us this week, and to everyone who has helped the Third Men Podcast continue to grow and thrive these past 150 episodes. To our listeners, our guests, and the wonderful crew at Third Man Records, we owe a great debt of gratitude - and we look forward to paying it forward when we return for season 6 this September!

April March and Olivia Jean: The Palladium Interview

Ep. 148
Let's go! Allons-y! The Third Men Podcast is proud to present an all-new extended interview with not one, but TWO special guests this week! Here to discuss their recently released EP Palladium, we're joined by returning guest and top-tier TMR recording artist Olivia Jean, alongside legendary musician, songwriter, animator and illustrator Elinor Blake, aka April March! This past spring, Elinor and Olivia treated fans to a collaboration many months in the making, with a 6 track EP and corresponding 7" single release encompassing a multi-lingual, multi-arrangement study on the track Palladium by Liz Brady (originally written as The Hip by 60's Texan rockers The Sparkles). Recorded in July of 2020, Elinor and Olivia's self-produced collaboration also features the talents of Erica Salazar, Austin Seegers and Cody Clayton, capturing the spirit and energy of Olivia Jean's latest live sets with sizzling results. Of course, with two titanic talents such as these two on hand, we had to dive deeper! Jack White fans will also remember Elinor Blake for her excellent illustrations within the We're Going To Be Friends children's book and corresponding cover single back in 2017 - as well as a multitude of other musical milestones through the course of her career. We discuss Elinor's early days (both in the visual and musical arts) as well as conduct a much-needed catch-up with the latest happenings in the world of Olivia Jean. Which iconic comic book artist was Elinor tasked with retrieving from the bar during her first internship? What is the secret origin of the shiny and mysterious Holly Grail? Which dance would win in a You Got Served-style dance competition: the "Deborah" or the "White Boy Shuffle"? The answers to these questions and more await you in this excessively fun extended interview! Let's go! Allons-y!

The White Stripes: Anatomy of a Fandom

Ep. 147
Calling all candy cane children! This week the Third Men take an up-close look at what it means to be a White Stripes fan, from the songs that move us to the aspects of the fandom that keep us engaged. Since the video for Fell In Love With A Girl hit airwaves in the early 2000's (and even before then), fans have been captivated by Jack & Meg's grand experiment, and that interest has blossomed into a wide world of content spanning not just the continued musical work of Jack White, but an entire stable of artists and history throughout the Third Man Records world. What songs brought you into the fold? Was it seeing the band live that did it, or was it the eye-candy (peppermint, of course) music videos that sustained your interest? In this episode we'll take a look at all sides of the fandom, and we're especially excited to announce that we've enlisted some help in showcasing the songs that inspire us by the band that we just can't get enough of. In the first installment of a new on-going series, The Third Men Podcast is proud to present the CANDY CANE FAN FESTIVAL, an open show for listeners to submit recordings of themselves covering songs by The White Stripes. The response to this open show was enormous, and we're so excited to present music by incredibly talented listeners such as: Alex Schaks, Andy Osborn, Austin Lee, Casey & Muddiman, David PV, Derik Ferguson, Francesco Savants Belluci, Gretchen Shae, Jacob Vee & Too Deep, Josh Akin, Joe Humphries & Flat Whites, Josh Woodall & Red Letter, Lori Carlson, Mark Nelsen, Neuphants feat. Zendy, Nick Langford, Rob Janos, Ronald Lindsay & Buddy Vassie, Shane Devon and Tim Trainer! Thanks to everyone who submitted and if you don't hear your cover in this week's episode, we WILL play everything we were sent on an episode in the near future!