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Episode 10: Frank Pellkofer on Enterprise Sales and Why AV Is The Crown Jewel Of IT

Ep. 10

Frank Pellkofer has been CEO at several companies in the AV IT space and board or committee member of several organisations including the Order Of Odd Fellows whose mission it is to improve and elevate the character of man. The Petaluma music festival which funds musics in local schools and the Mid-Pacific Information and Communication Technologies Center, that helps improve career pathways for thousands of students.

He is currently CEO at Utelogy, A Software-Defined Platform to Control, Manage and Analyze Your Enterprise.

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Episode 41: Bill Mullin On Ecosystem Development & What Makes AV Special

Ep. 41
Highlights From This Episode…AV focuses on the creative side of technology. That’s what separates us from IT; We help people tell their story and communicate ideas.We can improve our offerings by looking at every step of the delivery and use lifecycles. A short training after the install isn’t enough.System thinking includes considering every“user” in the supply and use chain. A company’s intentions are communicated at all of thesetouch-points.To be scalable, standards are required.Best practices and oversight increase reliability and improve the overall experience. Consider a Quality Of Service Manager position as a go to reference who helps everyone implement your guidelines.Look into Advance Supply Chains to increase sustainability and avoid "bone piles” of unused equipment.AV is everywhere. It is still a specialty, but is becoming more of an expected and critical piece of building infrastructure.Mobility and remote working catalysed the boom in huddle rooms to give mobile workers a touchpoint in the office (instead of a fixed desk).Spend time considering where you fit in a Smart building and smart world. Survival is not about being the smartest or the biggest, it is about being adaptable.Consider the application, vertical market, and venue.Does the application get it done?What vertical markets will have strong activity?Venue specialists can be successful but need to be able to interconnect.Be disciplined in what you do. Use software and agile project management to avoid waste and move adeptly.Customer success = how much they love you in the end.Map your workflow. Ask question like, “What are we going to do when we meet the curmudgeon?”.Consider on-demand training because people don’t want information until they need it. The days of the lunch and learn are ending.Mentioned In This Episode…Paul KonikowskiAVIXADavid FitzgeraldBarcoZoomMCSIDanteQSysBook: Draw To WinBobby SchwartzMalissa Dillman