Serious Soft Skills


Episode 72 Elevating Your Elevator Speech and a Live Elevator Pitch Makeover

Ep. 72

We talk to a resident expert about how to take an elevator pitch or elevator speech from boring to bright, bold and business-friendly. 

Co-host Dr. Tobin Porterfield interviews his co-host, Bob Graham, who has helped thousands of people, from college students to CEOs, in a wide range of fields to build a powerful elevator pitch.

Among the topics they discuss are:

  • How long should an elevator pitch be
  • The roots of elevator pitches
  • The one-and-only objective of the elevator pitch
  • A results-focused approach that focuses on value 
  • The keys to developing an ever-better elevator pitch
  • How you elevator pitch has to hue to the audience you are in front of
  • The structure of a great elevator pitch
  • Fixing up Toby’s elevator pitch live!
  • Getting them to ask for more
  • The ongoing trial-and-error that leads to a better elevator pitch
  • How to know when it's working

Look for a new long-version episode in about two weeks, and 1-minute versions of the podcast every few days, a few times a week. 

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