Serious Soft Skills


70: Overcoming the New Year's Resolution Effect with Intentional Actions

Ep. 70

As March begins many of us have already cast our New Year's resolutions to the side for another year, just like last year and prior years. What's lacking is intentionality, that ability to focus on what makes the most sense and way as a means of developing a plan to actually achieve it. That's our topic on this week's episode of the Serious Soft Skills Podcast.

Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss many topics related to setting intentions, including:

  • What intentionality is and isn't
  • The project management perspective
  • How to bring new focus to your efforts
  • How intentionality differs from setting goals/prioritizing
  • The New Year's resolution effect
  • Its relationship to soft skills
  • Where tasks that can't involve intention fit in.

Join us in two weeks for the next Serious Soft Skills Podcast, where we will cover managing meetings for people who are attendees. In the meantime, you can always take in our Soft Skills Minutes, bite-size, actionable discussions of real-life situations where soft skills make the difference.

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