Serious Soft Skills


68: Exploring Those Vexing Generational Differences

Ep. 68

There’s a lot of head scratching and complaining in most offices centered around a major difference we are seeing in offices of all sizes. We’ll tell you what that big difference is and why it’s so vexing in this episode of the Serious Soft Skills Podcast.

Cohosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham explore this complicated area and discuss:

Differences among the generations

Why we need to find common ground

Where these issues most often crop up among the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and iGen

How marriage serves as a model for how to address them

Why failing to address generational differences is bad for business and innovation

Hints for dealing with generational differences:

1. Accept it is real and it can be a powerful force against success.

2. Build a system that constantly holds onto common interests and goals. 3. Get outside help.

It’s not going away, and when harnessed correctly, it could actually fuel growth and innovation in new and exciting ways. Well, Bob, I think that’s all we have for today. Next week, we’ll dig deeper into generational differences and how to address them. Until then, thanks for listening, good day and good soft skills.