Serious Soft Skills


64: Should Accepting Compliments Be a Soft Skill?

Ep. 64

A listener suggests that we add accepting compliments as a soft skills since we have one that is accepting criticism in our list of 55 soft skills people can use in the workplace. The cohosts debate the merits of the suggestion in this episode.

In this episode, cohosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss the following:

  • Why accepting compliments is important in business
  • Why it matters
  • Whether accepting compliments is a good addition to the soft skills list
  • An alternative proposal
  • A critique of The 55 Soft Skills That Guide Employee and Organizational Success ignites our own issues with accepting feedback
  • A few hints for better accepting compliments 

Hints for Accepting Compliments

  1. Acknowledge it.
  2. Thank someone for the praise.
  3. Don’t blow it off. Reflect it back.
  4. Be someone who gives compliments so others will give it back to you.

Next Week

We will discuss the soft skills that go into successful selling with an expert, Keith Daw of Sandler Training in Baltimore, Maryland. New episodes every Wednesday.