Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 17: Facilitating Better Meetings is about More than Just a Soft Skill

Meeting facilitation may not seem like a soft skill, but it can easy serve as a gateway to more productivity and opportunity for leaders, managers and organizations.
Hosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss the cost and culture surrounding ineffective meetings and why good meetings really do require strong soft skills.

In this episode, they discuss:
The incredible cost to American companies from unproductive meetings.
Why meeting facilitation is on the soft skills list
How technology makes meeting planning and management easier
Why technology makes meetings even more difficult to facilitate
Tips for leading productive meetings
Tips for how to be a good meeting attendee
Why some meetings might not be necessary
The two times that holding a meeting really makes sense
Examples of the best and worst meetings
The soft skills at play in meetings

Share your best or worst meeting story with them at @RealSoftSkills or at podcast (at)
Next week’s episode will feature a discussion of the environment in which soft skills operate and how different environments could mean using different soft skills to achieve the same tasks.
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