Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 18: The Important Function of Environment in Using Soft Skills

Environment, while not a soft skill, plays a critical role in which soft skills we use and how we use them. Hosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss the role of environment in this episode.
Environment is not a soft skill, but it performs an important role in determining which soft skills to use and how to use them.
In this episode, the hosts discuss:

Why soft skills are dependent on the environment in which they are employed.
How environment might play into when to ask of a raise
How to be conscious of the environment to ensure maximum success in achieving objectives
How the environment might shift and what to do when it happens
Why face-to-face discussion beats emails
How you can keep people focused when talking to them on the phone
The wrapper effect of environment in using technical skills and soft skills
Why reading the environment accurately is as important as what technical skills and soft skills you employ

In sum, recognizing and responding to specific environments is key to the success of blending soft skills and technical skills together, and success in that blending can spur creativity, growth, opportunity and innovation.
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