Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 20: Being Persuasive Is a Soft Skill Every Employee Must Use

Being persuasive is a foundational soft skill that everyone in an organization has a responsibility to use, although it’s vitally important to being a successful leader.
Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss the soft skill of being persuasive and how it use can spur an organization’s growth.
Among the topics they discuss are:

Why being persuasive makes our list
How to differentiate between manipulation and persuasion
A working definition of persuasion
How persuasion leads to “buy-in”
How persuasion is about attraction
Identifying what makes a proposal fit the goals of an organization and how being persuasive fits in
When to set aside an idea because the buy-in is missing
Knowing when to move things forward
When persuasion becomes office politics and how to avoid it
Examples of persuasive arguments
How to ask for a raise using persuasion
Tips for what any
persuasion ultimately needs to include
When persuasion can run amok
When persuasion reaches coalescence
How understanding your audience is critical to any effective persuasion
Where an organization’s history plays into persuasion

Next week
We will explore a listener’s timely suggestion for another soft skill to add to our list of 55 soft skills.
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