Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 21: Should Being Appreciative Be a Soft Skill?

Just in time for Thanksgiving and the holidays, a listener suggests that we add being appreciative to the list of 55 soft skills and how it affects organizational culture.
Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham weigh whether being appreciative or thankful should be added to the list of 55 soft skills.
Topics they address include:

How the suggestion came up.
How the original list of 55 soft skills were developed.
A case for adding being appreciative or thankful.
Some soft skills that aren’t job-description items, but still important.
Where appreciation ranks on employees’ considerations at a job.
What happens when we aren’t appreciative.
The drain on organizations from a lack of appreciation.
How appreciation helps build a strong core work structure.
A discussion on the “core” skills that go before soft skills development.
How the creative process works to develop these skills.

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