Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 22: The Soft Skill of Collaboration: The Rallying Point and Other Keys to Success

Collaboration among workers can be the jet fuel for teams, pushing them to solve problems and achieve results that they could not have accomplished separately.
Hosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss what collaboration is, why it is so beneficial to organizations and what it can deliver to teams and organizations.
Topics discussed include:

What collaboration is
How people’s perspectives have to align for collaboration to occur
Why collaboration gets us to a better spot
How collaboration stokes problem-solving
The distinction between collaboration for creative endeavors versus collaboration in getting products developed
Why collaboration is vital to supply chains and other services
What’s a “rallying point” and why do we need it to have successful collaboration
A “reel” example of collaboration
What underlies any effective collaboration
The soft skills that underpin all good collaboration
What mutual interdependence is and why it enables good collaboration
The best ways for collaboration to start
The role of the leader in facilitating collaboration
How passion can ignite collaboration

Next Week
Digging deeper into collaboration in the workplace.
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