Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 23: Does Collaboration Spark Innovative Problem-Solving or Curtail Creativity?

Some see the soft skill of collaboration as a valuable soft skill, while others say it stunts creativity. The hosts give their views on these divergent points of view.
osts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham explore the various views regarding the soft skill of collaboration as a followup to their discussion in Episode 22 of what collaboration is.
Topics discussed include:

Does collaboration kill creativity, as Geoffrey James suggests in an Inc. magazine article, Collaboration Kills Creativity, According to Science?
Do teams add or distract from collaboration?
Taking academic research to real-world situations
How collaboration empowers us to solve problems in this complex business world
Can collaboration fall into “group think”?
Does collaboration fuel our need for socialization?
What problems are better solved as individuals
How collaboration creates holistic and effective solutions to complex problems
What’s the line between a situation needing collaboration and individual creativity
When does collaboration fit into problem-solving
When creative processes should call in collaboration
Headline writing and collaboration
The cost benefit evaluation of collaboration
Exploring Morten T. Hansen’s views in the article, When Internal Collaboration Is Bad for Your Company
When the cost benefit should be evaluated and what the assessment can accomplish
When to quit a project

Next Week
We’ll look at another soft skill, written communication, and how it plays a critical role in relationships and effectiveness.
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