Serious Soft Skills


Podcast 25: Is Soft Skills the Right Name for These Critical Employee Skills?

A discussion of the pros and cons of the name “soft skills” and whether other names are better and avoid relegating them to second-class status in the workplace.
Hosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham explore the name “soft skills” and if it’s a good moniker for all of the skills employees and organizations use in combination with technical skills.
Among the topics they discuss:

Why some people think soft skills is derogatory and minimizes the role these skills play in the workplace, job hunts and other aspects of work
The roots of the name “soft skills” and why those roots may make it the right name
What “hard skills” are and how they have evolved
Using the language that fits the culture you are working with
Should soft skills be called non-technical skills, professional skills, communication skills, critical skills, emotional intelligence
The complexity of soft skills doesn’t match the name
The subjective nature of soft skills and how that further complicates naming them
Technical skills alone don’t serve us
* Blending technical skills and soft skills make the difference in all workplaces

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Next Week
We start our Six Weeks of Serious Soft Skills Strategy. Just in time for the new year, we provide employees at all levels with the strategies to put their soft skills forth when looking for a new job — or looking for the right new hire.
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