Serious Soft Skills


58: Dealing with Ambiguity

Ep. 58

The world is changing faster and faster. What seemed clear yesterday may not be clear today and who knows what tomorrow will bring? Dealing with ambiguity is not just a soft skill but a necessity in today’s workplace. We will discuss dealing with ambiguity and even give some hints for how to handle it.

Cohosts Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham discuss the following topics:

  • Life isn’t predictable and it can get boring
  • How clock speed affects our ability to succeed
  • Dealing with not knowing
  • Decisions have consequences and making bad decisions can be costly. 

A few hints for how we can ensure that we can deal with ambiguity.

  1. Accept that ambiguity is real. Easy choices don’t always exist. 
  2. Keep a compass. Know what you are trying to accomplish and keep true to it.
  3. Call in the reinforcements. Find people and other sources of information and support that are solid no matter what else is happening.
  4. Heed the signs. When things appear to be faltering, recognize it and react. 

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