Sunnydale Study Group


213 - Surprise ft. Rachel Heine

It’s Buffy’s birthday and dreams are coming true! Unfortunately… Buff’s b-day is full of surprises as Spike and Dru turn out to be alive, collecting the pieces of the Judge, an unstoppable warrior who will be hell bent on bringing hell. Can the Scoobies party down while the stakes are rising up, or will Buffy have to take matters into her own hands and face the Judge? Join us as we chat about teenage angst, our worst birthdays and what Disney film the people in the next room sound like with our special guest Rachel Heine from Nerdist! You can find Rachel Heine at as well as on her personal Twitter @RachelHeine!Sunnydale Study Group is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast hosted by Holland Farkas, Chris Bramante and Omar Najam.

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