Sunnydale Study Group


221 - Becoming pt 1 ft. SarahTheRebel

When a door closes, another ancient door opens and unlocks an ancient evil. Buffy and the gang have found out that Angelus has come into possession of Acathla, who can suck the world into hell. With everyone united, can they stop the vampires from flooding the world with demons or will their inner demons get the better of them? Join us as we chat about changing hair colors, Walrus Watchers and Angel's made up drinking songs. Sunnydale Study Group is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast hosted by Holland Farkas, Chris Bramante and Omar Najam.Our special guest this week is SarahTheRebel. You can find her on Twitter at: @SarahTheRebel or on her Twitch channel more Sunnydale goodness at and