Sunnydale Study Group


Buffy 316 - Doppelgangland

With an important test coming up, Willow is tasked with bringing up one of Sunnydale High's most prominant athletes. But when our mellow witch of the west starts getting pulled in every direction, she teams up with demon-gone-teenager Anya to cast a spell, bringing Willow's vampire doppleganger into this universe. Can the gang stop a fanged plot at the Bronze or will AU Willow sink her teeth into the gang?

Join us as we chat about our dopplegangers, drinking at the Bronze, Kardashians (pro/against?), feminism, and Chris's most disappointing Halloween memory.

Sunnydale Study Group is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast hosted by Holland Farkas, Chris Bramante and Omar Najam.

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