Episode 1 - The Tarot Queen, La Bruja Del 305

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this episode, The Tarot Queen takes me way back to the tea that led her to the Tarot, we talk about her parents crossing 'La Frontera', pursuing your passions...and that one time she told a client it was okay to throw a glass of water into someone else's face. Get your reading with The Tarot Queen now. She reads in person, through text, DM, Skype and FaceTime. The Gram: www.instagram.com/TheTarotQueen Want more? Let's stay connected on the gram and intra-webs...and of course our bruja newsletter. The Gram: www.instagram.com/baremystics Intra-webs: www.baremystics.com Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2HBOeGY +More: https://linktr.ee/baremystics Music by instagram.com/camouflagedon

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Episode 6 - Jenn La Reine: The gift of introspection & being an empath

Season 1, Ep. 6
In this episode, I chat with my sister-friend Jenn La Reine, lady of light, entrepreneur and author. Jenn is the creative vision and energy behind the Reine and Rebelle lifestyle brand and Muses & Bruises podcast. Jenn tells me about her journey through fear, doubt and vulnerability in self-publishing her first book, Butterfly in the Reine. She talks openly about her belief in magick, the 'spiritual but not religious' movement and the challenges of growing up as an empath in a Caribbean household. Andddddd she gives us the plug on a couple of women of color in the healing space that you can direct all your coins to for real magick and spiritual healing.You can find Jenn La Reine on the gram at instagram.com/jennlareine.Purchase Butterfly in the Reine on Amazon now.Subscribe to Jenn's Muses & Bruises PodcastJenn's Spiritual Coach: Intuitive Coaching with Amy Music by CAMO -->instagram.com/camouflagedonWant more? Let's stay connected on the gram and intra-webs...and of course our bruja newsletter.The Gram:www.instagram.com/baremysticsIntra-webs:www.baremystics.comNewsletter:http://bit.ly/2HBOeGY+More:https://linktr.ee/baremystics----------------------Jenn will be speaking as part of an all woman panel at the Earth Day Artistic Healers event. Purchase your tickets at wwww.souldreamin.com. Use REBEL at checkout for Jenn's family and friends discount code. This event is sponsored by@aboriginalorganicsand@blackgirlsunscreen.