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Make Money Behave with Maria Casillas

"Money Scripts" unpacked by Derek Hagen

Ep. 179

In this episode I had the honor of interviewing Derek Hagen, creator of "Money Health Solutions."

If you've ever been curious about the psychology of money, how our upbringing may effect our relationship with money, then this episode is a must-listen.

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  • 188. Abundance from Limits

    Did you know that babies have the capacity to learn all 7000+ languages spoken around the world? Yet, it is only in limiting them to the nuances of one or two of those languages that they are made able to communicate effectively. What's this have to do with how you behave with money? Tune in to find
  • 187. Feeling FINE

    How often is your default response, "Fine," when asked how you are? Have you ever stopped to think about what that actually means? What about when you convince yourself that it's "fine" to deviate from the path you've laid out for yourself? Tune in today to learn about a client's insight and the resulting tool she now uses to stay on track.
  • 186. Freedom to Choose Your Attitude in ANY Circumstances

    Choosing to have a good attitude is easy when circumstances are comfortable. But what about when they're NOT? Listen in as Maria talks about the importance of choosing our attitude wisely, even when our circumstances are less than desirable.
  • 185. Barre is HARD! I do it anyway.

    You may have heard the old adage, "the more you know, the more you grow." While I believe this to be true in many cases, this particular case was an exception. In today's episode I talk about my experience of being inspired by some family members to reclaim my health. Choosing to start small, I decided to focus solely on physical activity. The lessons I've learned in the process are GOLD and can absolutely be applied to the way you make money behave.
  • 184. My Return to What I Love

    Sometimes even the decisions that are GOOD for us can lead to derailment. I'm happy to be back after many months of being gone. Tune in today to hear a little about where I've been and what to expect moving forward. Want to connect to Maria personally? Text PODCAST to 623-400-5225.Book your Free Strategy Call:
  • Interview with Ryan Garvey & introduction to Qube

    Check out Ryan's Podcast, Mining for Time, and connect with him at Wanting to try Qube? Get 2 months of the premium package FREE by using promo code: MAKEMONEYBEHAVE
  • 181. Living Trusts & Wills w/ Barbie Klingenmeier

    Thie week I interview Barbie K. from Desert Financial Credit Union (located in Arizona) about Living Trusts & Wills. We talk about The Who, what, where, when, why, & the roller coaster of emotions that takes place when trying to make some of these decisions.If you have any asset in AZ and would like more info, you can reach out to Barbie via email ( more about how to start making your money work for you: visit