The Trail Less Traveled


Live from the Sahara featuring Nomadic tribes.

This interviews features an in depth look at nomadic life in the largest desert on earth. Featuring men from Arabic, Bedouin, Berber & Tuareg tribes who were born and raised in a nomadic family utilizing camels and constant movement as a way of life. From the games they would play as children while herding goats to the staple items one must have in order to survive, including camel milk, dates, salted meat, wells, celestial navigation, turbans and family. Learn why being a nomad teaches you patience and hospitality. Learn why stress doesn't exist in a nomad's life. This interview will take you into a carpeted tent under some of the tallest sand-dunes in the world during a full moon while the sand-storms blow to the West.

This will forever remain one of my most cherished recordings.

We have so much to learn from how the nomadic tribes survive and exist in the Sahara Desert.

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