The Trail Less Traveled


Lake Missoula Tea Company... Kenya, India, Indonesia and back to Montana through the story of sustainable tea.

In this episode, we travel around the world with Lake Missoula Tea Company owner, Heather Kreilick. Heather is a native Montanan who grew up in the Bitterroot Valley before leaving to attend college in Arizona. She was a hotshot forest firefighter before teaching on the Navajo Reservation. She returned to Montana in 1999, completed a Geography masters in 2006, and has worked in the GIS field ever since. Heather is an avid hiker, occasional climber, and full time adventurer and likes to spend time with family and close friends. Heather manages the Lake Missoula Tea Company website, selects and blends tea, and makes the hard decisions. Her favorite teas include Sangamon Sunset Red (black tea) and Gu Hua Puerh, both from the ancient tea trees.

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