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  • Dale Grote + Wes Callihan on Latin and the book of Acts

    Dale Grote is the author of a new Latin reader of the Acts of the Apostles which includes a foreword by historian and teacher Wes Callihan and in this episode they join Heidi White for a conversation about the process of translation, the relationship between Latin and the New Testament, and much more.
  • Robert Bortins on the New Masters Degree for Homeschoolers

    This episode managing editor, Heidi White, talks to Classical Conversations CEO Robert Bortins about an exciting new opportunity for homeschooling parents to earn a Master’s Degree just by homeschooling their children.
  • Josh Bales: priest, therapist, musician

    In this episode, FORMA's managing editor, Heidi White, talks about music, mental health, and movies with Josh Bales, singer-songwriter, therapist, and Anglican Priest.
  • Lancia Smith on the power of art in intentional community

    Join managing editor, Heidi White, as she talks to Lancia Smith, founder and director of the Cultivating Project, about the redeeming power of nurturing art and beauty in intentional community.
  • Scott Hambrick of

    Welcome back to the FORMA podcast, the audio companion to FORMA Journal. In this episode, Brandon LeBlanc chats with Scott Hambrick, the founder of They chat about their journeys to the Great Books, reading hard books, making Great Books available for all people, and much more.Learn more at
  • Noah Tetzner

    In this episode, FORMA’s managing editor Heidi White talks with Noah Tetzner, host of the wildly popular podcast, The History of Vikings. The two discuss Vikings, the Victorians (the topic of his newest podcast endeavor), and the podcast life.