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Marina McCoy / Waste Free Earth LLC

Ep. 45

Today we sit down with Marina McCoy, Founder & CEO of Waste Free Earth LLC.

Produced by Taylor Kracher, VCET Associate

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  • Ellen Kahler / Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

    From directing the Peace and Justice Center to directing VSJF, Ellen Kahler has been a leader in advocating for human well-being to be at the center of Vermont's economic model. Hear about how she is breaking boundaries and supporting Vermont employees/employers. Not to mention, this episode is PACKED with resources.
  • Abby Portman / Poppy Cafe

    Poppy Cafe is not your ordinary sandwich shop. What started as a COVID-era pop-up on Abby Portman’s front porch in the Old North End, has taken Burlington by storm. Poppy pushes the boundary of what a sandwich can be, creating combos that you’ve definitely never had before, but will definitely blow your mind. Grab yourself a Poppy sammy and give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
  • David Dolginow / Shacksbury Cider

    From Vermont roots to cider success! Meet David, the dad of three and co-founder of Shacksbury Cider. After graduating from Middlebury in 2009, David teamed up with Colin Davis to create the Vergennes-based cidery that makes dry, easy-to-drink beverages. Their journey started with a handshake over beers and now, 10 years later, Shacksbury is thriving and about to launch a new Sweater Weather cider this fall.
  • Katie Babic / Katie Babic Designs

    Katie Babic, a self-taught artist from Berry, VT, transitioned from being a school counselor to a tree ring artist in 2020. After creating hand-carved gifts for local students, Babic rediscovered her passion for art and repurposed her dining room into a personal office. Now, Katie Babic Designs sells one-of-a-kind Vermont prints to a variety of local institutions and clients throughout the United States. In this episode, Katie describes the creative process of “pulling,” how she’s balanced motherhood and entrepreneurship, and the importance of being a good steward of the land.  
  • Lindsay DesLauriers / Bolton Valley

    In this episode, we sit down with Lindsay DesLauriers, president of Bolton Valley, a multigenerational ski community in Richmond, Vermont. Lindsay shares her personal connection to the resort and her father's original vision of crafting a working-class ski area. She also discusses her own mission of revitalization since taking over in 2018. Join us as we get a behind-the-scenes look at the year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts and event-goers alike.
  • Christian Cobaugh / Vernal Biosciences

    In this episode, we are joined by Christian Cobaugh, the founder and CEO of Vernal Biosciences, a groundbreaking mRNA production company located in Colchester. With Vernal recently securing an impressive $20 million capital raise, Cobaugh shares the company's remarkable achievements and their unique features. Cobaugh delves into the importance of moving swiftly and outlines an ambitious vision for the future of Vernal Biosciences. 
  • 74. Matt Murray / Widewail

    From an Xbox handle to a cutting-edge trust-marketing platform, the word “Widewail” has played a pivotal role in shaping Matt Murray's journey. Hear Matt's inspiring story as he shares how his visionary company is revolutionizing the landscape of customer reviews, creating a new era of impactful feedback.
  • 73. Jasmine & Ryan Farrell / Zestbloom

    Today we sit down with Jasmine and Ryan Farrell, the Morrisville-based husband/wife team behind Zestbloom, one of Vermont’s most exciting Web3 startups.
  • 72. Jed Kalkstein / GPMS International

    Today we sit down with Jed Kalkstein, President and CFO of VCET portfolio company GPMS International whose hardware and software keeps high value aircraft and industrial engines operating safely and reliably.