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Robyn Hitchcock - Episode 69

Episode 69 - Robyn Hitchcock.

Among the topics and people discussed with the legendary British singer-songwriter are self-promotion, the Beatles, Elvis Costello and a whole lot of other 80s music, the idea of leaving a small-lizard-sized legacy, the need to make one living, not two, having Ethan Hawke sing your song in a movie,  - and a whole lot more. But you’re not here to tell me what I talked to Robyn Hitchcock, you’re hear to listen to Robyn (and I) talk. Enjoy!

P.S. I meant to include Sonny Smith's new record label, Rocks-In-Your-Head in the outro, but forgot, so here you go:


Sorry Sonny!

Find Robyn stuff at http://robynhitchcock.com