15 Minutes: a podcast about fame, with Jamie Berger


One from '16 - Episode 17, Anja Schutz and Lindsay Mace

While I don't tend to rerun episodes from year one, when, for one thing I was still talking very ... very ,,, slowly ... in the intros, and other stuff I can hardly bear to listen to now, I wanted to repost this short intro to #grabhimbytheballot and conversation with Anja (and a lovely conversation after that with Lindsay Mace, who also talks about the project, among other topics) from the day back in September (I think?) of 2016 when Anja Schutz did the first of two day-long shoots for #grabhbytheballot. I think it says a lot about Anja, the project, and the more and more apocalyptic culture of narcissism (overused but apt word these days) and attention-desperate behavior that Donald Trump both somehow succeed with and is enabling in others, one that's rearing it's head in our world because of an ugly little battle we've been forced to wage with an organization calling itself #grabthembytheballot. If you want to know more - and/but maybe you really don't - you can check my Facebook feed.

-Jamie B.