15 Minutes: a podcast about fame, with Jamie Berger


Meat for Tea Cast Episode with Jamie Berger as Guest

I was a guest on the Meat for Tea Cast after my essay "Itch Itch Itch" was published in the stellar literary magazine of the same name earlier this year.

Now I understand why some of my guests hesitate to post about our episodes. It leaves them in the position of writing to friends, family, and fans saying “Hey everyone here’s a conversation focused on ME! Awkward.

With that in mind, Meat for Tea is a great magazine with a nifty podcast and host/publisher/editor Elizabeth MacDuffie and I had a long and enjoyable talk, for the two of us anyway.

So Hey everyone here’s a conversation focused on ME!

(and here's a link to the essay, which I read out loud at the end of the episode)


Stay Safe.