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Episode 64 - Hearty White (returns!)

Ep. 64

Hello All,

My guest this week, in our now-annual visit, is WFMU radiomaker (also available in podcast form!) and 15-Minutes-inspirational-icon Hearty White. This being his third visit (see Episodes 8, 31, and 32 for more!), we’ve pretty much dispensed with the formality of talking about fame and just chat about whatever comes to mind, which this time included Timothy Leary, sanity, The Rockford Files (of course), rings, heroes, the Attention Economy, Black Stalin, Sundar Popo, Chutney Music, how he makes episodes of “Miracle Nutrition” (his show), the cultural obsession with recording/preserving memories, and much much more! Find him on WFMU.org or by searching for "Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White" on your favorite podcasting application.

Before that, though, I rant for a while about how infuriating it is how many dudes such as this clever fellow (picture of a tweet you won’t see on the podcast apps so go to 15minutesjamieberger.com)

and most most recently, long-since-relevant comedian Norm McDonald, insist on shouting BUT IT’S NOT COMEDY about, instead of discussing the content of, Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix stand-up comedy special, “Nanette,” which somehow led me into a tangentially related story from my San Francisco performance art days.

Find “Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White” at/on WFMU and all the podcast places, where you can also find this show, or at 15minutesjamieberger.com.



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