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Episode 60 - Keith Lowell Jensen

Ep. 60

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Hello All! 

Getting back in the groove after our first live recording (episodes to come in August) and the big ole 2nd-anniversary David Sedaris episode!

Episode 60 is a conversation with comedian Keith Lowell Jensen, whom I started following on twitter last year, because of tweets like this that make me feel better and worse about life in America:

I had Keith on my list of people to contact to see about having him on the show, and when his latest album of new material, "Bad Comedy for Bad People," hit #1 on the iTunes charts this spring, it seemed like the time. It was the time! And now is the time to bring that conversation to YOU!

We talk about: calling out pervy middle-school teachers, letting go of his grudge on Julie for throwing his BDP cassette across the cafe, Keith's friendship with Robin Williams, and the time he performed for him in the parking lot after a show, TMZ & how much fame is too much fame, and much much more!

You can find out more about where to catch Keith live, how to buy any of his 8 or so albums, on his site (click the words "his site" there). If you want to read and/or support his comic strip collaboration with Evan Svoboda, you can do that here

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