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Episode 57 - Whitney Reynolds

Ep. 57

Whitney Reynolds is a writer, podcaster (“I Haven’t Seen That” with Mark Popham) and, most important, in terms of this episode, inveterate tweeter.

A recent tweet of hers, which was a response to not only a previous tweet, but a response to a response to said tweet, Whitney's "new twitter challenge" to "describe yourself like a male author would" led to thousands of responses and retweets, which led to press coverage ranging from a Huffpo article to a New Yorker piece and a BBC radio interview. She was also asked to do a TV interview for BBC, which she declined, and, in fact, decided to move on from this kind of attention. I was honored to be the last person she agreed to talk to about this. 

On top of learning about the splendors and terrors of Twitter virality, Whitney tells us about Twitter as a place not just to look for audience, but also, (as many of us have treated Facebook for years, and now treat Instagram, but are ignorant of re twitter) for community. I haven't used twitter in that fashion, and I look forward to giving it a go. 

We spoke on the phone on Saturday, 4/7/18, about a week after the big tweet.

Find her @whitneyarner, or don't, she's really not that concerned about it.

Sounds like a healthy way to go. 

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(see below for a couple of great responses to Whitney Reynolds' tweet)


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