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Episode 8 - Hearty White

This is going up a bit later than we'd like, so, here, more or less verbatim, are the intro and outro for the episode: Hearty White is someone who’s incredibly famous . . . to the people to know and love his work. His radio show, Miracle Nutrition, blesses the faithful on Thursday nights at 7pm on WFMU, the eclectic, extremely independent, and unquestionably legendary radio station based in New Jersey but available anywhere. Go to WFMU.org for more on the station often called the best radio station in America. This is our first hour-long 15 Minutes. By now many of you realize that while 15 Minutes is the name of the show, it is NOT the length of the episodes, but a reference to the Andy Warhol’s now ubiquitous statement about fame. We recorded our conversation right after Hearty’s June 9th episode aired, and during our conversations, I make a couple of references to the that aren’t self-explanatory: I refer to a time Hearty mentions in the show when he and friends spotted Mel Brooks one night when they were out watching the ponies at Calder Race Course in South Florida. I also mention times when Hearty goes up to New Jersey for FMU fund drives and other events, when he experiences his odd fame, is welcomed by more fans than sees at one time anywhere else. That’s about all you need to know for now. I hope you enjoy the episode even a fraction as much as I enjoyed making it. Outro: Just in case it’s not clear to someone out there, I had an incredible talking to Hearty. I have a whole bunch of thoughts about this episode, which was our first 15 Minutes with someone I’d never met before, especially the risks of what I’ll call “fanzone-ing” myself when talking to someone whose work I so highly esteem. Hearty turned out to be a perfect first guest in this risk group because he’s just so gracious and generous. If you’re new to Hearty White, his June 9th Episode would be a great place to start after listening to this. You can find it on iTunes or, again, through WFMU.org. Okay, I’m going save the rest of my thoughts for episode 10, when I’ll indulge in a little reflection of these first few months. For now though, if you’re new 'round these parts, please go to 15minutesjamieberger.com for what you’d expect to find, including info on the first seven episodes you’ve missed (with John Hodgman, Tim Lockfeld, Case Hudson, Mark Berger, Lois Parkison, Annie Duke, and Monte Belmonte) and how you can participate in this exploration of fame. I’ve also posted links on our 15minutesjamieberger.com to just a few of the cultural giants that came up in our conversation. AND, because some people have asked, I’ve also posted just how one can go about rating and reviewing podcasts on iTunes from a phone or tablet. That is, if one wanted to do that. Rate and review a podcast from their tablet or phone. Ed Patenaude, thank you infinity for making this sound as pretty as it can possibly sound. Thank YOU for listening. -Jamie

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