15 Minutes: a podcast about fame, with Jamie Berger


Episode 10: 24 Hours, 2 Million Views: Søren and Dave's Big Adventure

Hello All - 10 Episodes Down, A Zillion to go! Intro: This week was going to be a look back on the first nine episodes and some deep and shallow thoughts on fame from me, but early last week, something very 15-minutes-y happened, that really got rolling in the wee small hours of Wednesday, July 27th, 2016. Søren Mason Temple is someone I know from, you know, around. We’re IRL friends and Facebook friends, have a bunch of friends in common here in the 413, bump into each other a few times a year. We used to compete in a monthly trivia night at the bar. Dave Rothstein is a friend of Soren’s whom I’ve met only once before. Søren is a painter. Dave is a snow sculptor, hobbyist photographer, and lawyer. A couple weeks ago, the pair collaborated for a couple days on a time-lapse photo video of Søren making a painting. Then they posted the resulting 16-second video on Twitter. They can tell you the rest. We talked on Saturday, over the kitchen table in Søren’s parents’ art-filled, comfy, Western Mass country house. *** Outro: I really want to thank both Søren and Dave for getting together with me so quickly, while the experience was still, as you can hear, still fresh. Especially Søren, who clearly battled some demons to start talking on that mic. Her unrestrainable smile and renewed delight-mixed-with-dread-mixed-with-astonishment every time she talked about their bizarre week was just the best. Søren and Dave’s experience points out in a very immediate and local way is that being seen, by others, in and of itself, is a very mixed bag, often desired, then undesired, often uncomfortable, unquenchable, useful or destructive, sometimes thrilling, dreadful, the list goes on. You can find Søren Mason Temple on Instagram @siren74 and Dave Rothstein @snowsculpt. You can find links to their time-lapse project video - that’s now up to only 2.7 Million views - the MassLive article about them that they mentioned and other tasty tidbits at 15minutesjamieberger.com or by searching for 15 Minutes and my name to find our Facebook page, where I put weekly info as well as smaller daily find. Among recent posts are a youtube video of Russell Brand talking about fame, and a recent episode of NPR’s On Point that featured Ryan Holiday, author of the new book, Ego is the Enemy. On both the Facebook page and site, you can also find a guide on how to rate and review a podcast on iTunes, because I know you’ve been wondering that, and you can find us. If you’re enjoying this, please take just a couple minutes to rate and maybe even review us on iTunes - once again, it really really means a lot not just to my ego, but to keeping this show going, in many ways. We're also on twitter and instagram at @15minsjamieb. Thanks for listening

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