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Episode 12 - Penny Lane

Penny Lane is an award-winning nonfiction filmmaker. Her most recent film NUTS! premiered at Sundance 2016, where it won a Special Jury Award for Editing. Her debut feature-length documentary OUR NIXON world premiered at Rotterdam 2013, had its North American premiere at SXSW, won the Ken Burns Award for "Best of the Festival" at Ann Arbor. She was named "Most Badass!" at the Iowa City Documentary Film Festival in 2009. Her 2005 short THE ABORTION DIARIES has become an important organizing and educational tool across the nation. I met Penny here in the Pioneer Valley back in 2005 when I first got to Massachusetts, when she was teaching at Hampshire College. Then she moved to Troy and RPI, where I caught up with her once or twice, and then she moved farther away, to New York City, and eventually upstate to Colgate University where she is now a professor in the Art Department. We spoke in July about an hour before her screening of Nuts! at Amherst Cinema in a lovely loft space B&B right down the street from the theater. “Nuts!” is available 9/6 on iTunes and soon other platforms: Find Penny's stuff at: http://pennylaneismyrealname.com/ http://www.nutsthefilm.com/ http://ournixon.com/ As ever, please rate and/or review 15 Minutes on iTunes or Soundcloud or wherever you listen, and you can find us on Facebook by searching the name of the podcast or on instagram or twitter @15minsjamieb. Thanks for listening!

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