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Episode 14 - Sara Jaffe

Sara Jaffe writes fiction. She used to and still does make music, was one of the founding members of Erase Errata. New Yorker review of Dryland: “Its title notwithstanding, this moody coming-of-age novel is soaked in the damp of Oregon winters and poolside locker rooms. Julie, a high-school student, joins the swim team, hoping to orbit a female crush and to understand the disappearance of her brother, a former Olympic hopeful. She is exquisitely attuned to itches and aches―the constriction of a new bathing suit, the throb of a full bladder. Only the pool releases her to a dimension 'like sugar, like a dream.' Jaffe’s meticulous, frank texturing keeps the sex talks and scenes from sinking under tropes of adolescent awakening and presents queer desire as just one of Julie’s innumerable, unstoppable sensations.” (The New Yorker) Links to stuff we talked about: Dryland The story Sara read on the show, “A Form of Love” The Art of Touring book “Salt and Water” E.P. , which includes the song “Walking Tour” that was played on the show Find us: http//15minutesjamieberger.com twitter/instagram: @15minsjamieb Yeah, Facebook too, come find us.

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