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Episode 15 - Eugene Mirman

Episode 15 - Eugene Mirman Hello listeners! We made it to 15! Serendipitously, this article (http://www.recorder.com/15-Minutes-4996757) in the local press came out today about the show. Are we famous yet?! At this mini milestone, I’d like to send out huge thanks to my guests so far for their trust and earnest, eager, fun participation, so here we go. THANKS: John Hodgman, Case Hudson, Mark Berger, Annie Duke, Tim Lockfeld, Lois Parkison, Monte Belmonte, Hearty White, Matthew Latkiewicz, Soren Mason-Temple & Dave Rothstein, Daniel Oppenheimer, Andi Zeisler, Penny Lane, and Sara Jaffe, thank you thank you thank you . . . you get the idea. Thank you. (You can find all those episodes at http://15minutesjamieberger.com . Also and of course, thanks so much to all you listeners for joining us on this little exploration. And to Ed Patenaude, for always making me sound as pretty as is achieveable. And to Christian Cundari, for our theme music. Please, if you haven’t already, rate and/or review 15 Minutes on the Great Satan - sorry, I mean iTunes - or wherever you listen to podcasts - it’s more important than you can imagine, unless you have a podcast of your own, then you know how important it is. *** You may know Eugene Mirman from his comedy albums or Comedy Central Specials, from his roles on series such as Flight of the Conchords, Delocated, Startalk, and most recently and ongoing-ly, Bob’s Burgers. You may even know him as “Berny Foy,” the bad guy in the the 1999 “Firestarter” episode of Third Watch. I don’t actually know Eugene from that one, but I’m sure gonna try to find it! OR, as I said back in episode 1, about Mr. Hodgman, you may not know him at all, and if so I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Eugene via this conversation and a couple of cuts thrown in from Monumental 9-volume latest release on Sub Pop Records, “I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome).” Those of you who know me know that my Sub Pop ( http://subpop.com ) hoodie (which I stole from Eugene) is one of my prized possessions, not only because great artists like Eugene Mirman and Death Vessel and so many more have been on there, but that Sub Pop has been rocking my world since way back when I used to eagerly await the arrival at Sounds Records of the next Sub Pop Cassette Compilation to arrive back in the 1980s. So it’s a huge honor to be able to thank to Sub Pop for permission to use a couple of Eugene’s tracks! Go Shop for Eugene’s albums and so many more beautiful noises on Sub Pop’s Megamart (www.megamart.subpop.com). We talked earlier this month of September 2016 at his home in an undisclosed location in Eastern Massachusetts. Tune in! for upcoming episodes with graphic novelist Jessica Abel, NPR producer/reporter Tina Antolini, in a couple of months, writer George Saunders but I’m so excited I’m going to mention it right now. And much much more! Find us wherever podcasts are found or at 15minutejamieberger.com where you can also find out how to find us on twitter, instagram @15minsjamieb and on facebook. Thank you so much for listening!

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