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Episode 16 - Jessica Abel

Jessica Abel is known to some for her comics/graphic novels such as La Perdida, ArtBabe, Life Sucks, or Trish Trash. A new, teen-to-adult audience are about to know her from her coming November new release Trish Trash, Roller Girl of Mars. Still others know her for a skinny little handbook she and Ira Glass of this American Life put together in 1999 called Radio: An Illustrated Guide I only knew Jessica Abel's name as the editor of the annual Best American Comics anthologies I loved, until last spring, when, in a mix of preparation/procrastination for beginning this podcast, I was reading her hit book, Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio. The book led me to her podcast, which led me to her Creative Focus workshop, which helps artists get shit done. The workshop was six weeks long, six weeks which, coincidentally were scheduled to end exactly when I'd told myself (my fourth such deadline, the first three having failed miserably) that Episode 1 would be done and dropped! When that workshop and those six weeks were up, Episode 1 of 15 Minutes launched, and five months later, here we are at Episode 16. Jessica and I talked about fame, of course, and her books, and went deep into one of her primary missions of her work/creative life: "Helping creative people make their work, not just dream about it." Find her stuff at: http://jessicaabel.com/ *** Please rate review subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen, and find us at: http://15minutuesjamieberger.com or by searching "15 minutes jamie berger" on facebook or We’re @15minsjamieb On twitter and instagram AND Last, and newest, any day now I’ll be up and asking you for money at patreon.com Thanks!

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