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Episode 29 - Tom Pappalardo

Tom Pappalardo is a writer, comicsmaker, graphic designer, musician, and, well, a lot of other great stuff you can learn about at http://tompappalardo.com/ The Hampshire Gazette calls him "a pretty well-known name in these parts." We talked about the usual famey stuff, and coffee, and he read from his new and much heralded book, "One More Cup of Coffee." I asked Tom his thoughts about that particular beverage and YOU WON’T BELIEVE HIS RESPONSE!! Wait, that’s clickbait without a link to click. I wish I had asked Tom more about his absolutely amazing rock-show and other posters and the bands and other entities he made them for, but I forgot - next time! But see them here! https://standard-design.squarespace.com/print/ Last, buy many great items Pappalardo here: http://tompappalardo.com/buy/ *** Also, in the episode, as much as I cringe at doing, I make a plea for you yes YOU to help us survive, grow, thrive using your ability to click stuff and/or money! by going to http://patreon.com/15minutesjamieberger Or here: http://www.15minutesjamieberger.com/news/2016/10/24/two-ways-to-chip-in Or by just sending a donation to 15minutesjamieberger@gmail.com via Paypal. Please please like us and follow us and review us and subscribe to us here or on fricking iTunes or wherever you cast your pods! Thanks! Happy March! -jamie

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