15 Minutes: a podcast about fame, with Jamie Berger


Episode 38 - David Sedaris

Because we're thinking we may have a few new listeners this week, and because our year anniversary just passed, here's an intro to the podcast, and pitch, but *not* for money! The name of this show pretty much says it, except that episodes aren't 15-minutes long - they range from five minutes to over an hour - from “Mini” anecdotes to in-depth conversations with everyone from a recent high-school grad in Western Massachusetts, to an arborist in the Bay Area,  to the likes of the famous, semi-famous, formerly famous, those who'd rather be just about anything than famous and those just now climbing the “Wall of Fame,” -  guests have included George Saunders, Eugene Mirman, Maeve Higgins, John Hodgman, Brooke Gladstone, and David Sedaris. Some episodes are lighthearted, some more serious, focusing on the perils of the Fame Culture we now exist in, some a mix of the two - as organic conversation as we can muster, on a topic that  can be entertaining, uncomfortable, enthralling. Email: info@15minutesjamieberger.com. Facebook instagram/twitter: @15minsjamieb. Ed Patenaude is our interpid engineer. Design by Anja Schutz Oh, and here's a site that's needed updating for about half a decade with some info about Jamie Berger. Thanks/welcome! Oh, this week's guest?  He's a bestselling writer, humorist, trash collector. What we didn’t talk about: - sex - drugs - alcohol - suicide - trash collecting Some of what we did talk about: - moms - embarrassment at success - a dirty joke about pizza - dread of going on TV - the graciousness of Whoopi Goldberg ENJOY!!!

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