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Episode 43 - Jonathan Katz

Our guest this week is Jonathan Katz whose animated Comedy Central Series from the 90s has been re-launched as "Dr. Katz: The Audio Files" on Audible. In the show, Katz plays a psychotherapist whose clients are comedians, playing themselves who come to him for therapy. Joining Katz on the Audible series are original and amazing cast members Jon Benjamin and Laura Silverman, as his son and receptionist, respectively. Guests on the audio reboot so far have included Ray Romano, Sarah Silverman, Weird Al Yanovic, Maria Bamford, and Ted Danson (whose episode you’ll hear a snippet of). There’s also an Emo Phillips episode, and I think by now Emo must think I’m some kind of a psycho fan - I’m not - in fact, back when he was a bigger star, I never really followed him, I think it was the voice. BUT, he tells a story on another Audible series, Eugene Mirman’s “Hold On,” which is now available on iTunes, too, and it’s great and he’s great and everyone should listen to it. I know I know it’s starting to seem like I’m a pro-bono Audible shill, but I’m really not, they just happen to be making some of the most interesting podcastesque  stuff right now, including, one more thing, including Jon Ronson’s new podcast, “The Butterfly Effect,” the first season of which I plowed through in two days last week. If you don't mind a lot of content involving the porn industry, check it out. Jonathan Katz and I talked on the phone in July. -jb

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