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Episode 44 - Josh Johnson

Comedian Josh Johnson has had a big couple of years. He arrived in NY (after a few years in Chicago doing stand-up) just a couple of years ago, but has already written for and appeared on the Tonight Show, his first solo album, “I Like You,” on Comedy Central Records, came out in July, debuting at number 4 on iTunes and 11 on Billboard, and his first half hour special will appear on Comedy Central network this fall. A solid start, huh? We talk about that stuff, and his favorite high school teacher who told him in high school he’d see him on the Tonight show and then ended up in the house when Josh took that very stage. We also talk talk about what he has in common with Conor McGregor. (Funny thing about this show and audience. Conor McGregor is both one of the most famous people in the world and someone some of you never have heard of. If you’re one of the latter, he’s an Mixed Martial Arts fighter who’s about to have a huge, unprecedented fight with champion boxer Floyd Mayweather on August 26. It’s unprecedented in that the two worlds (boxing and MMA) don’t mix, let alone two of their biggest stars, so it’s a big big deal, so there’s some background on that for you non-fight fans out there regarding our two minutes on that topic. Enjoy! Josh Johnson’s site: http://therealjoshjohnson.com/ *** Appearance on Tonight: https://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/josh-johnson-standup/3474830 *** Twitter: @JoshJohnson Facebook: facebook.com/JoshJComedy/ Instagram: @JoshJohnsonComedy *** Find us at http://15minutesjamieberger.com *** This podcast fights fascists.

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