15 Minutes: a podcast about fame, with Jamie Berger


Episode 47 - Matthew Silverstein

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: Somehow in three edits, I didn’t catch the fact that I said the word “October” when I meant the word “Boy.” U2 fans will understand, if not forgive. A "Meet Your Heroes" episode Matthew Silverstein is Associate Professor of Philosophy at NYU Abu Dabi. But to me (Jamie, here), He's Matty, a friend who 20-years ago was a callow youth wandering Dublin hoping to run into his idols, the members of the band U2. Click play to find out what happened! He is interested in the foundations of ethics — that is, in the question of what, if anything, we can say on behalf of our most basic ethical commitments. He is also interested in the Chicago Cubs, opera, classical music, and Roger Federer. We talk about all that, but mostly he tells his U2-fan Odyssey.

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