The Slobbery Hound - w/ Deanna Cheng

Guest Deanna Cheng joins this latest installment of Wishboning. Deanna is the Host of OMFG Podcast on the Ear Wolf Network as well as a Writer, Director and being all around hilarious. With Deanna's sharp wit joining hosts John Murphy and Christian Humes together maybe they can keep track of all the clues in Wishbones latest adventure. They'll need all the help they can get, as we watch this harrowing journey through a classic Sherlock Holmes Tale. Meanwhile in Oakdale Wishbone everyones favorite dog has been framed. Can the Wishbone and Joe uncover the dog that tarnished Wishbones name? Will Wishbone be able to embody Sherlock Holmes to solve the riddle of The Baskerville Hounds? Find out on this weeks episode of Wishboning.